Timothy Evans
Home Inspector
This will information will help both buyers and sellers better understand the importance and the process of a qualified home or building inspection service.

At Traverse City Home Inspections, company owner Timothy Evans and his team of qualified home inspectors provide inspections throughout northwest Michigan.

Timothy Evans and his home inspection team at Traverse City Home Inspections are available to inspect your home seven days a week.
What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is a professional examination of the buildings structure, major systems and components.

A qualified home inspector will analyze the building as a system. Building attributes that are inadequate or failing will be identified in addition to components that are worn out or unsafe. The purpose of the inspection is to provide the building owner with a better understanding of the property conditions prior to purchase or sale.
When should I get a home inspection?
A pre-purchase home inspection can provide the buyer with the important information about the condition of the house they plan to purchase. An informed buyer means fewer minimizing the investment risk to avoid unexpected costs right after a purchase. A home inspection can also help homeowners prioritize repairs and maintenance. For sellers ... showing prospective purchasers that every effort has been made to disclose the condition of the home can help sell the home.
How long does a home inspection take?
A professional home inspection usually takes two to five hours depending on the size, age and condition of the home and the specific services purchased. The inspector must access all areas and household systems.
Should I be there at the home inspection?
It is recommended that potential home buyers accompany the inspector during the inspection. It is chance to become more familiar with the home and to take measurements of rooms and/or windows. You will be able to ask your home inspector questions on the spot.
How do I prepare home for inspection?
Remove furniture and stored material from access panels, crawl space entrances, attic hatches, electrical panel boxes, furnaces, hot water tanks and water shut-offs. If the access panel to the crawl space or attic is in a closet, you should remove the articles from the closet. Pets can get in the way of the inspection process and are best keep away from the house during the period of an inspection. Owners can usually go out in the yard or find a room to sit while the inspection takes place. Any valuables like cash or jewellery should be removed or hidden away safely during the inspection as precaution and for piece of mind.
What type of report should I expect?
Following the inspection, the buyer is presented with a written report, consolidating the details of the inspection. The home inspector will answer any questions a buyer might have and to clarify the findings and to avoid misunderstandings.
How much does a home inspection cost?
Pricing can vary depending on your area of service. The pricing criteria is usually based on the square footage of the house. Ask your home inspector for a quote. Some inspectors could have surcharges for a outbuildings. crawlspaces, basement suites or mileage travel costs.
Do home inspectors perform services other than residential home inspections?
Most inspectors offer a range of services including commercial inspections, indoor air quality check ups, new construction deficiencies, building envelope surveys, wood stove and fireplace inspections. Ask about qualifications and past experience when selecting an inspector. The best source is word of mouth referral from a friend or co-worker. Other sources are your mortgage broker or your real estate agent. Websites are also a great way to find inspectors in your area.
What should I know about ASBESTOS & RADON GAS in a home?
Both are dangerous conditions to the health of occupants. There are tests for both. Ask your home inspector to check for these issues. It will usually be at extra cost.
Does a bad inspection mean I shouldn't buy the house?
Most offers to purchase allow the buyer to back out of the purchase based on the conditions of the inspection. Often buyers will negotiate the required repairs off the purchase price or sometimes the seller will repair the conditions and the buyer will have a re-inspection done after.

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